Periyakar Jaggery Thickened Molasses

Periyakar Jaggery Thickened Molasses

Molasses – Spice

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Molasses can be used as:

  • The principal ingredient in the distillation of rum
  • In beer styles such as stouts or porters
  • An additive in tobacco smoked in a hookah, shisha, or narghile (found in the brands “Cedars Tobacco”, Mazaya, Al-Fakher, Nakhla, Tangiers, Salloum and Hookafina Blak )
  • In dark rye breads
  • An additive in livestock feeds
  • An ingredient in fishing groundbait
  • A source for yeast production
  • An iron supplement
  • The main ingredient in the production of Citric acid
  • In certain cookies
  • As a humectant in jerky processing
  • To make Yomari


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